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Real time wireless facility  monitoring system

  • Quality Enhancement
  • Cost effective
  • Constant peace of mind
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To be compliant with most regulations around the world, pharmaceutical companies need quality environmental monitoring.

Real-time facility monitoring

Result of high quality and constant innovation, LABGUARD® is a real -time wireless monitoring system for temperature and other physical parameters. This centralized control system is the ideal solution to secure your samples : it monitors both storage and transportation conditions.

The LABGUARD® solution includes hardware, software and services, as well as a wide range of probes, transmitters, data loggers and other accessories.





Unique LABGUARD Service

With the LABGUARD system, you have not only an innovative system, but also a long term quality support and training provided by our dedicated teams.

  • Cost containment: the automated LABGUARD system will save you some valuable time and will prevent inadequate storage or transport conditions
  • Peace of mind: with a 24/7 monitoring system, you can rely on LABGUARD® to alert you at any time

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