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To achieve your performance objectives, an effective staff team is critical. Training & Education courses have been proven to have a highly positive influence on staff commitment, satisfaction and loyalty. In fact, more than 75% of Human Resources Managers consider that training has an important or very important impact on staff motivation*.

Accessing external expert services helps you meet your training and education goals without stalling daily operations. You also gain invaluable fresh perspectives and new knowledge to expand and complement the team’s know-how. To meet this challenge, bioMérieux Performance Solutions offers:

  • Expert, qualified and independent trainers from bioMérieux and our trusted partners
  • Training and content that fits your situation and your technical and/or non-technical needs: Instruments, Science & Practices, Management & Leadership
  • Did you know that you have different choices for your bioMérieux Performance Solutions training?

Classroom training:

  • Stimulating environment, action learning
  • The perfect occasion to take a breather, “get out-of-the-box” and meet with peers
  • Share and exchange perspectives on key challenges
  • Face-to-face with the experts
  • On-site in your lab or at a bioMérieux training centre


  • Expert design
  • Anytime, anywhere (in the lab or at home)
  • Your own pace (can even be stopped and restarted)
  • Short 20-minute modules keep it dynamic
  • Accessible through the e-commerce platform www.increaseyourperformance.com already available in France, Germany and Switzerland, and soon in other countries (consult us for availability)


* Study led by CEGOS in 2009 with 320 Human Resources managers in Europe

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